Electricity is undeniably the energy source of the future. However, since the introduction of decentralised power generation, the electricity grid has been heavily compromised both ways. Over the next few years, substantial expansion will be necessary.

Smart grids

So-called “Smart Grids” will have to better coordinate production and consumption in the future.


• Infra Group is working tirelessly on this intelligent network by installing tens of thousands of smart meters.

• Every day, we install new underground high-voltage cables on behalf of the transport network operators. What’s more, Infra Group guarantees continuity by means of a 24/7 service in the event of calamities.

• Every year, Infra Group installs thousands of kilometres of medium-voltage and low-voltage cables on behalf of the distribution network operators. However, we also take care of the connection at their customers’ end, upgrading the existing connection in the process, if this proves necessary.

• Infra Group is also the ideal partner for the EV (Electric Vehicle) market. We install and maintain your personal charging infrastructure. Our turnkey option guarantees worry-free plugging-in and charging.

• Finally, we build new medium-voltage and high-voltage cabins for our industrial customers and distribution network operators or renovate them.

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