Infra Group has an impressive track record in building gas pipelines in all their forms.

An impressive track record

Backed by its own qualified pipe fitters, assemblers, welders and coating specialists, as well as connection teams who realise large transport pipelines and fine-mesh distribution networks up to the connection at the customer’s end in both highly urbanised and rural areas.

95% of what we do is not visible, … the results are.

Currently and in the near future, we see a wide range of opportunities:

  • During the energy transition, the use of pipelines for the transport of gases is key. In addition to conventional natural gas, the existing networks will be injected with decentralised produced bio-methane.
  • In order to reduce the transport of industrial gases by road and thus reduce CO2 emissions, small and large consumers will share pipelines between the gas producer and its different customers, nationally and internationally.
  • For example industrial gases used in production processes such as oxygen, nitrogen, ethylene, acetylene, hydrogen, CO2 … Especially the last 2 gases will play a more prominent role in the future. Hydrogen on account of its function as an energy carrier and storage medium for green energy. CO2 because of its bad reputation. They will be collected and transported to underground storage facilities.
  • The installation of piping for petrochemical liquids (underground and above-ground)
  • Adapting and modernising gas distribution stations.

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