Infra Group specialises in the detection of leaks in piping systems by means of a helium tracer gas. The leak detection system can be used for all types of liquids.


Affordable innovation.

Our innovative, reliable and affordable process gives convincing results for all pipe materials and is a recent technique that allows a quick inspection of your pipes.

Unlike acoustic techniques, it can be used for all types of pipe materials and the detection efficiency is not affected by incidental noise or constant sound sources.


Also possible on pipes
in operation.

The detection of leaks is also possible on pipes in operation. The presence of helium in the ground indicates the presence of a leak in the immediate vicinity. The size of the leak can be determined on the basis of the measured helium content in the soil.

The technique’s sensitivity is high as it can detect leaks of 0.01 litres/hour or 10 drops per minute.

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